Photos puppies Ming week2 and 3

The puppies of Ming are already over 3 weeks old and they really start to cuddle right now ;-). Mama Ming thinks differently about this, because they now have very small but sharp teeth. So we are now slowly starting to take over the nutrition, she will not really mind that. Besides puppy milk – delicious mess, as some pictures show – they now have their first fresh meat meal …. and find that tasty! You see those little puppies change into small wolves  and they nearly start “shaking the meat”.

About a week ago they had their first worm treatment and the next one is already on the agenda for the coming week. Then we have also planned their first car ride. Our earplugs are ready for this. The puppies are now also “moved” to a large basket on the other side of the room because Bee and her puppies are now in the whelping box. If we are now lying on the ground between the puppies of Ming, we have a chance that our faces are very gently licked at and our hair is very gently pulled at . For so long that lasts, because each day they become more and more like real “hooligans”.

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