About us

We are Mark Evers en Thineke Dieterman. We both grew up with animals and it was obvious that we would be having a dog. In 1988, Max entered in our household. Max was a mix of a Frisian Stabij and a Border Collie. That last one, did ring some bells with Thineke and everything that looked a bit like a Border Collie, had to be looked at.

After several conversations with Border Collie owners, the decision was made and our first Border Collie came to live with us also in 1988. This was Hannah Babbe v.’t Lookerland. Hannah was from a litter of 8 and she was always in front of everything. Also in our house and Max was most of the times the “victim”. Hannah’s mother was a showchampion and it didn’t take us very long before we entered Hannah to our first show. With some mixed results. But a new addiction was born.

Breeding a first litter with Hannah seemed a logic result for us and that happened in 1991. Our first litter of Kayleigh’s Border Collies was born. It is now more than 21 years ago, that Max and Hannah came into our lives and at this moment 10 Border Collies are living with us in our home. We are still active with our Border Collies in several dogsports and the versatility of the breed is still a challenge. We breed one or two litters a year and this is also something we still like to do very much.

If you want to visit us and our Border Collies, you are ofcourse very welcome! Please give us a ring before this (or an email). Also if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. On the contact page you can find our addresses and telephone nr.