Cinlock Catchword (Dane)

Luxemburg Youthchampion, Polish champion, German champion VDH + Club, Luxemburg champion, Berlinsieger 2002, Crufts qualified 2002, German Veteran champion.

In 2007 Dane stayed with us for a few months, and when he had to leave and go home again to his owner, we felt sad he had to. We told Dane’s owner, that if she ever would rehome Dane, we would love to have him with us. And that happened a year later. Since then he lives with us. Dane has a very friendly and stable character, with a good sense of humor. In our group of Border Collies, Dane has taken the lead, without any problems. In Dane’s pedigree are several Australian en New Zealand bloodlines and he was bred in South Africa by Gloria Bonnell. Dane’s offspring has proven to be healthy and can be found in several dogsports.

We never had any doubt about Dane bringing home with us and are very thankfull for this wonderful boy, living with us. Dane is now retired and not available for breeding anymore.

Thanks Barbara and Gloria!