Kayleigh’s Best of Bracken (Liam)

With 8 girls at home, it can be a breath of fresh air to keep a boy again. That’s why we made quite early, the decision to keep a boy from the litter of Bracken with Wendevick Amadeus. There were 3 boys in the litter en to make a decision of which one we should keep, it was quite a difficult task. At last – after much talks – we choose boy nr. 1. In the litter his name was Deusje, after his father en as a petname we called him Liam. The name Liam doesn’t mean anything special to us, we just like this name and it is simply a short form of William. Liam’s official name is Kayleigh’s Best of Bracken, because we like the idea, to have his mother’s name in it.

Nowadays Liam lives with the fam. Voorintholt in Stadskanaal, together with his doggy friend Bruno.