Kayleigh’s Fools Crow (Bran)

It was never our intention to keep one of the puppies from the litter, Bran was from. But in the end, we couldn’t let him go, so he stayed.

Not literally, because he lives with Rob and Nathalie in Onstwedde. On a regular base, Bran stays with us, and every time he is here, we enjoy his wonderful character. Bran is a very social dog and he loves every human and animal, big or small. His will to please is amazing and he loves to work with you. His co-owner Nathalie, did some basic obedience with Bran and is now very active with him in some other activities. Hopefully we will be able soon, to let Bran work with sheep, so we know what his talent will be, with that particular job.

About Bran’s name:

Bran is from our (2nd) “F”-litter and this time also, we wanted to give the pups, indiannames. After a search on the internet we found the name Fools Crow (after Frank Fools Crow). His petname, Bran, means raven or crow, and because they are my favourite birds, we decided to name him Bran.

About Frank Fools Crow, you can find a lot on the internet, here are some of the links we found:




Bran is a Border Collie, which we all enjoy a lot and hopefully we’ll do so for many, many years to come.