Chandra Mani Jewel of the Easter (Purdey)

After meeting Luna, Purdey’s mother, at a couple of shows, together with her breeders Jan and Gisela van Elburg, we decided we wanted to have a puppy from her. We were very impressed by Luna and in her pedigree were a couple of dogs, we knew quite well.

Purdey’s father is Shadow, off. Altricia Blue Legacy. Purdey was born on sept. 19th, 2001 and when she was three weeks old of age, we saw her for the first time. It was love at first sight. Her pretty tricoloured head didn’t leave my mind. Purdey is a real softy, but at the same time she can be a little stubborn and a joy to life with.

Purdey lives nowadays with our doggy friends Johan and Greet and together with her son Kaya, she enjoys her pension ;-).