Kayleigh’s Eagle Dance (Sage)

From the third and last litter of Purdey, we were fortunate, to have 2 very nice girls. And the girl we finally kept, is Sage. If it comes to character Sage doesn’t resemble her mother at all (and neither her father by the way). Purdey is somewhat introvert and reserved, while at the same time Sage is extrovert, jumps on everything and everyone and is the biggest hooligan in our household.

At the time of writing this (jan. 2008) Sage is one year old already and you won’t believe the things she did in the last year….. Purdey sometimes looks at her and than to me and looks as if she want so say “she doesn’t have that from me!” But above all Sage is a very sweat girl and loves hugging. One of her favorite activities is lying down on your lap. If she had a saying about it, she would do that all night.

Some explanation about her name:

Because of our great interest for the Indians of North-America, there are several dogs here, that get an Indian name. The litter where Sage was in, did all get a name with the word Eagle in the beginning. Turning over the leaves and reading in one of our books about Indians (The Last Comanche Chief – The life and times of Quanah Parker. Writer Bill Neeley), I read the following quote: “To become one of the warriors, according to Comanche custom, they had first to dance the Eagle Dance. A medicine man with strong power was the leader of the Eagle Dance. He and the dancers arose before daylight, went to the creek, bathed, stripped to the breechclout, put on war paint, let their hair down and put eagle feathers in it, and rubbed themselves with sage”. The explanation goes a lot futher, but with this part, the most important source about Sage’s name is described. Sage the plant, is very often used by Indians.

Sage lives, nowadays with the fam. Wubs in Zeijen (NL).