Kayleigh’s High Eagle (Paige)

Of the 3rd litter of Gift, we very much liked to keep a bitch, but Gift thought it was better  to postpone that plan for a while and got to 6 males. The fourth and last litter of Gift, we had more luck, because there were 2 females. And of those two we have chosen Paige.

Besides the fact that it has been a bitch of Gift to keep, Dane is the’father and that was also a big wish of ours. Gift and Paige are two hands on a belly and sometimes we got the idea that we had two puppies in the house. Paige is a fun and social Border Collie. Very people-oriented and a pleasant dog to work with.

What we will do further with her, is still a question mark here. She has had basic obedience and will start soon in any case with ring training and if she is good enough we will enter her on some shows. We feel with Paige that she is to poke for everyting and that we enjoy. We also hope of course that Paige natural health will stay good and that she may grow a very old dog.