Kayleigh’s Sterling Daydream (Gilah)

June 2009 we drove, for Morgan’s (Sterling Dutch Treat) last litter, to Danmark, to have her bred to Ryan (champ. Waveney Caught in Time). Two months later a beautiful litter was born. There were 5 girls and 2 boys. Because we wanted to keep a girl, we had a good choice. Finally we decided which one that would be, and her name is Gilah. Gilah has grown into a beautiful Border Collie lady, die resembles her mother, when it comes to being active. She is always very busy en loves to race when you take her out for a walk. Gilah is a softy towards people. Sometimes a little careful, but that doesn’t take long everytime.

Mark has done a lot of showtraining with Gilah and will continu with obedience. He is also planning to let her meet with sheep. Her healthchecks came back with good results, so we are planning to breed with Gilah in the near future.