Sterling Gift (Gift)

On aug. 3rd 2003 Gift was born at Sterling Border Collies in the US. We had to wait for several weeks to be sure if she would be the one for us, but finally the decision was made and Gift was transported by plain en we could pick her up at Schiphol airport. Gift is a black and white girl, with a headstrong and cheeky character. It is just this character that makes us laugh a lot. Her name she thanks to the fact, that she travelled to us on my (Thineke’s) birthday.

Together we did some obedience and we are still training. As a mother she is wonderful. When she has puppies, we hardly have anything to do, because Gift is always there where she is needed. Bran is one of Gift’s offspring.

We hope we can enjoy Gift’s company for many more years, because she is such a joy to live with.

Our special thanks goes to Terry E. Sadler, for sending us this lovely, naughty girl!