Sterling Queen Bee at Kayleigh’s (Bee)

At the same time, that Ming – her half sister – arrived, Bee came to live with us, as a puppy of 10 weeks. She is our first golden red Border Collie and born on april 30th, it’s not that difficult to guess, how we got to her name. (For non-Dutch people: our queen Beatrix celebrates hir birthday on april 30th).

Bee is just as adorable as her big sister, but she is more outgoing. As little puppy she saw her sister Ming swimming all the time, and in the end, she decided to jump in also – literally with her eyes closed. Together with Gilah, who is a little younger than Bee, she has lots of fun and together with me – Thineke – she is training obedience en she loves it. Also, we are planning some showtraining with her, so she will be seen at some shows, also in the future.