With any regularity we have a litter of Border Collies. The parents, from which we breed with, are being checked on hipdysplasia and hereditary eyediseases. Also, if necessary, DNA-tests are being done for CEA and TNS. Furthermore, the UK breed standard, is a guide for us and the parents aren’t allowed to have any faults. Besides that, a balanced and social character is a must. Puppies grow up in our home and in the periode they live with us, they get used to several things, which they will meet in there future lives. It is very good for little Border Collies, to meet as much people and certainly children, as possible. So, if you want to visit us and the puppies, you are mostly welcome.

At the age of 7 weeks, a puppy-charactertest is being done. So we can advise the future owners, as good as possible about the best puppy for them. They get the necessary vaccination at the age of 6 weeks and at the age of 8 weeks, when they are going home with their new owners, they are wormed for at least 3 times (sometimes 4). The pups are getting a chip from the Dutch Kennelclub. When the pup is going to his new home, several things are going with him. The necessary things a puppy needs in his first week(s) we give to the new owners.